Online dating websites for teens

02-Dec-2016 06:08

Websites like,, and cater to teens and young adults who want to meet other people.

These sites are not dating sites and, unlike reputable online dating services, the friendship building sites rarely screen users.

Sexually active teens can also face teen pregnancy issues.

When it comes to friendships and relationships it’s a brave new world thanks to the Internet.

Whatever side of the fence you're on, it's important to know that teen dating can come with negative consequences.

Talk with your teen about the dangers of dating and educate her about the risks of certain behaviors.

There are tons of horror stories about teens being lured off the Internet and into compromising positions by pedophiles and sex traffickers.

Unfortunately these types of stories are not merely urban legends.

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Unlike Tinder, Spotafriend claims to be an app for making friends rather than finding dates.

They really happen and Internet savvy teens are at the greatest risk.

The popularity of meet-and-greet websites over the past few years has only increased the danger that a teen will fall victim to an online predator.

The sites are not monitored on an individual basis but instead operate under a complaint system.

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If another user or an outside individual, like a parent or teacher, complains about a profile only then do the site administrators bother to look at it.

It occurs when a person is sexually assaulted by someone she knows and trusts, such as her date.

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