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17-Feb-2017 03:08

Common sense and caution should always prevail but, there are some slight differences to the way chat rooms and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) operate.:: IM) to send and receive messages and/or files and images, is very similar to using e-mail or SMS messaging and some of the same safety rules apply.

Sending someone a text that could be taken the wrong way might upset them.You should always follow the basic rules for online safety and Netiquette (online etiquette).It can be very difficult to get a post removed from a Newsgroup or Forum so be careful what you write.It is vital that you run up-to-date antivirus software and that you regularly apply security patches to your computer.

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You should also install either a software or hardware (or both) firewall to add extra protection for you computer.Avatars These are small images/icons included on some Forums whenever you post, to represent you. Never use your actual photograph (or anyone else’s) for your Avatar, don’t use a vulgar image and don’t take images from anywhere online that you do not have permission to use because that could be a breach of someone else’s copyright.