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11-Jun-2017 15:11

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Although earlier posts suggest this is a legitimate seller it nearly seems too good to be true hence my cautious approach before purchasing.

Cheers, Serge I ended up going with Officeworks for .

It is also for sale from Save On au for for a 1 year subscription.

Afi6Az Yc UCqxp Jk FWt Ui AV1GIMOXDs Fr Aa Av4K8P8HAQ I am wondering why is it so much cheaper to buy it from a 3rd party rather than directly from Microsoft?

Not sure Office works are obligated to a 5% price beat deal that is also subject to the purchase of other hardware. Current offer on Dick Smith is off for or more (with code relax20) and over, so Office 365 would be and not .

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Microsoft have a cash back offer This is a good deal, at MSY so after cashback.

Well it wasn't really for the .50 – it was the saving in time to drive to my nearest MSY or CPL.

Now I am interested to see if I have to reinstall Office 365 after using the 1 month free trial from MS.

Please find product key delivery for your order: Product: Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Product Key: Download Link: Installation instructions: Go to and follow the on-screen instructions. So here are a few notes for anyone else who might be as dumb as me :)I went into manage my microsoft account.

Enter your 25-character Product Key Sign in with or create your Microsoft account If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know." No mention of the cashback from ms - but then I wasn't expecting it - i recently claimed the ms cashback on some mice from ms online - and eventually got it - I've got a month to go on my old 365 subscription so was going to wait before registering and claiming - you reckon I might have done my 25 bucks :) Well that *is* a concern, perhaps not a legitimate one, but I couldn't find an ABN anywhere on their site (or at least wasn't anywhere obvious, say in the About Us page) which tends to raise flags. And while I felt sure this option wasn't there when I looked last week?

I contacted microsoft to check this - they did not understand my question - i let them jump on my session - in the end the final result after 15 minutes was that I had already renewed - and that there was nowhere in my account that it confirmed the renewal. They also confirmed that au was a legitimate reseller of office licences Just a quick note for now - seeing as I might have initially posted about it this deal - in case anyone else was thinking of buying this from au - and maybe before you do The product key I had sent to me by email is associated with another microsoft account - not mine.