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Microsoft Outlook does contain some built-in group calendar functionality when used in conjunction with Exchange Server.However, it can be quite limiting and often times does not meet the definition of what many are referring to when asking for a group calendar for group scheduling solution within the Outlook interface.By default, the group calendar contains the details of all items shown, unless the owner of an item marked it private.To refresh the free/busy data in the group schedule, click Options, and then click Refresh Free/Busy.In addition to checking people's schedules to organize meetings, you might also need to schedule resources, such as the conference room where you plan to hold the meeting, or the slide projector that you plan to use for a presentation.Before you can schedule a resource, your Microsoft Exchange Server administrator must create a mailbox account on the Exchange server, and you must be granted permission to schedule resources, along with any other associated resources.For example, one group schedule could contain all employees in a department.

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If you’ve previously set up accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2011, begin further down the page, where it says If you’ve previously set up email accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2011. You’ll see the Welcome to Microsoft Outlook for Mac window.

Now, with Outlook 2007 you can also overlay two or more calendars as a group calendar.