Paralyzing fear of dating

28-Jun-2017 22:23

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After being forced to spend the night at a local hotel the gang ultimately solves the mystery. E in the Mystery Machine telling them that this mystery "is only one piece of the puzzle".

Overarching Mystery Events: Hotel sign reading "The dog dies! E's note claiming that Gatorsburg is "one piece of the puzzle".

Despite being warned not to continue investigating by their parents and authority figures, the gang attempts to solve the mystery.

Meanwhile, Velma is trying to get Shaggy to be more intimate in their secret relationship.

The gang receives an old newspaper article from Mr.

E about four kids who disappeared in the Crystal Cove caves many years prior.

Daphne also keeps hinting her romantic feelings towards Fred who is oblivious to almost everything apart from solving mysteries and building traps.

After solving the mystery the gang comes into contact with a mysterious man who refers to himself as "Mr.

Older versions of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm from The Flintstones appear very briefly at the volleyball pitch.Meanwhile, Fred is helping his dad who is running for reelection as mayor and Daphne's parents are trying to set her up with the young heir to a ladder company. Villain: The Ghost Truck/Rung Ladderton Note: While making an ascot for Fred, Daphne hums the main tune from The New Scooby-Doo Movies series.As all of this is happening, numerous crystal doorknobs are stolen from all around Crystal Cove. This episode, in particular the final chase scene, also pays homage to the 1971 Steven Spielberg film Duel.E" and remarks that they have uncovered "a truth that should have remained buried" and that "the real mystery has just begun".

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Overarching Mystery Events: A locket shaped like a magnifying glass found in the Crystal Cove caves and a call from Mr. Villain: The Slime Mutant/Professor Emmanuel Raffalo Note: The Black Knight, Miner 49er, Captain Cutler, Space Kook, Creeper and Charlie the Robot from the original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!E, Daphne realizes that two of the kids in the newspaper photo are the same kids as in the picture in the locket she had found in the Crystal Cove caves.

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