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The pair became engaged in December 2013, but broke it off in June 2015, before reconciling in October 2015.Arrests: One, in 2013 after a heated argument with Peters that resulted in the two of them hitting each other.Hopefully playing cello for my wife and, maybe, kid(s)?

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Notable acting credits: Shawn Cook in Bones; voices in Avatar: The Last Airbender; Skeeter in Over The Hedge; Stanley Kakowski in Meet The Robinsons; Jeffrey Barton in Criminal Minds Musical endeavors: Paul has a You Tube channel dedicated to showcasing his musical talent.

He runs the Peak every other day, but is okay with someone who doesn’t share his love for intense activities. They get my sense of humour and respect my speed and efficiency of finding the perfect Internet meme at any opportune – or inopportune – moment. Long story short, a few weeks later we were living in Hawaii, drinking fresh coconuts straight from the tree and playing volleyball six hours a day. While there, I discovered that you don’t need much in life to be a happy and kind person – something that has always stayed with me. If they are spending a lot of time on their phone, then they’re not really present. “L’etranger” by Albert Camus is not far behind any Game of Thrones books.

He is a Cello playing, classical music enthusiast who would save the day should you find yourself faced with a “Disney” or “Star Wars” theme at Trivia night. The only thing all the girls I’ve loved in the past have in common is that they are totally different from one another. Funny or cool pictures – a sense of humour is always good. This is embarrassing, but once I got so drunk I didn’t remember anything my date told me. An unexpected one, where I learn a lot about my date and I am surprised by her. She is not only beautiful and super smart, but best of all, she was in Star Wars!

He’s an extreme sport athlete, but takes refuge at Disneyland. In 2010, I made the big leap to Paris for my first job before taking a life changing opportunity to move to HK. Although he has a tendency to jump out of planes on a regular basis, Paul loves nothing more than catching up and chilling out over a few beers with his friends. During the first two years I was playing so badly, I was close to quitting almost every day – out of respect for the genius composers, of whose work I was offending. Waking at 5am to go wakeboarding with friends is always a great way to start the day. I usually end my day running to the top of the Peak, late at night, to enjoy the best views of the city. We live a fast life in Hong Kong, so until now, haven’t stopped to think about “finding the right girl.” I’m so happy to live each day as it comes, so I might not have realised I missed some great opportunities to find someone to share this amazing life with. I’m convinced the next girl I’ll fall for will be totally different to what I expect right now. I’m also happy when I see a lot of interests in common. Especially at my age, most of my friends in Bordeaux are married, they have kids and own their own houses. Here, it seems that most people agree to live like there’s no tomorrow. The usual dinner and drinks combo bores me to death. You know the questions in advance and have answers ready. They will be so tired they will eventually show a bit of who they truly are. On average, I listen to music more than five hours a day so I can’t [have] only one favourite.

He is a native Frenchman, but prefers hanging out with his American friends. If you think he’s as fab and funny as we do, fill out the survey at the end of the article and see if you two end up a match! My mentor at work told me to leave France as soon as possible to discover the world. Absolutely the most optimistic Frenchman, all-round nice guy and always a gentlemen, there is never a dull moment when he’s around.” (). Learning to play the cello at 29 with minimum prior musical education. Then out of nowhere, a couple of notes started to sound right. Ultimately I could play a short song, to the point where I performed my first small concert last year for my friends. Actually, I love most extreme sports whether it’s skydiving, free diving or skiing. On a bad weather day in HK I love to chill out and watch two or three Star Wars or Disney movies in a row. Most importantly, spending time with my small group of friends, no matter what we do. When I was studying engineering in France, my best friend called me saying he had an internship at the University of Manoa. Hopefully she likes wakeboarding, so I can show off my collection of beautiful board shorts. But, under torture, I’d narrow the list down to Mozart and Daft Punk.; Wiley Day in Between Musical endeavors: Jennette released her self-titled debut and only album to date in 2012. Jennette has written on various topics ranging from Shirley Temple to body shaming and the corporate culture of smoke and mirrors.