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is a ground-breaking NBC sketch comedy/Variety Show, broadcast live from New York City in what had been, up until its premiere in 1975, TV's "graveyard shift" slot.

According to Wikipedia, it was initially created at the request of then NBC president and CEO Herbert Schlosser as a scheduling replacement for reruns of , which used to air in the slot until being retracted at the request of then host Johnny Carson, who wanted the repeat episodes to be saved for weekdays and be aired whenever he was ill or chose to take a vacation in lieu of having to hire a guest host.

Then when the right cast members are found, the show becomes funny again and finds a new audience. Bennett Brauer: Thought you'd seen the last of old Bennett, perhaps?

has essentially become a New York City treasure, despite the years of turmoil (both on the show and in the world) that threatened to end the show and tarnish its legacy, and has proved time and again that it can survive anything thrown at it, from fickle fans to national crises. Thought the network bigwigs would have sent Bennett and his negative "Q rating" on a slow boat China? maybe I don't "look the part." I'm not "svelte."I don't "look comfortable on camera,"I'm not "sobby".

Cecily: A river in Scotland was accidentally flooded with whiskey when a bottling plant accidentally released more than 1700 gallons of liquor.

Said one fish (terrible Scottish accent) 'YEW DON'T KNOW MEH!

The number of stars that emerged from this show is mindboggling by itself: Not coincidentally, many of these cast members are also veterans of The Second City, a world-class improv theatre troupe in Chicago and Toronto.

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Parodies of such ads began popping up in the early ’70s on shows like ‘s 1975 debut that ripped the genre wide open.This list is an assemblage of our own personal favorites, and we encourage you to take us to task in the feedback section over what we missed.

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