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12-Dec-2016 00:59

Do you remember the first time you got "turned on" by a girl? In fact, thinking about it now it still makes me feel sick to my stomach. In that one day she had become the most beautiful girl in the world to me, and she was all I wanted, but...

I had NO IDEA how to take the lead and make her my girlfriend - AND to just DO what I knew I needed to do.

(Yes, it is possible to both connect with women still be a masculine guy.) Some of us got advice from moms who meant well, but only taught us that men hurt women, or they taught us subtly that we were bad and shameful.

And there were a lot of great moms out there who just didn't have a clue how to teach a boy to be a man. A woman can never fully teach a boy how to be a REAL MAN...

And now you're just plain lost, confused, and frustrated about what women want. Get your balls back - and make your ancestors PROUD of you.

Does it seem like a "woman's world" and you're scrambling to get ONE GOOD ONE - keep from going crazy at the same time? If that stung a little, then you can bet your life what I just said was true.

She looked back at him over her shoulder several times, and he told me he felt guilty and ashamed that he was behind her. Because she was probably worried about him being a rapist. Or, your mom & dad had so many of their own issues going on that you got ignored, and you never got any good male role models to learn from. And instead you got MTV, dumb movies, and bad wussy song lyrics to learn from.

Some of us got too much hardcore "macho" advice that had no sensitivity at all, and we didn't learn how to CONNECT with women while still being a MAN.

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Whether it was images on television or in the movies, "Masculine" has become something of a dirty word. A friend of mine was taking his clothes to the laundry after dark, and he was walking behind a woman who was also taking her clothes to wash. He either had bad emotional control (anger issues, sulky behavior), or he just wasn't able to reach out and support his sons like us. You needed other guys to show you how to just BE A MAN, even if it wasn't your dad showing you...

And why do other guys have all the luck with women? You're about to learn something very important about why women run away from the "nice" guys and why they throw themselves all over the "jerks..." AND you're also going to discover the ancient secret for TRUE lasting success with women that doesn't rely on creepy scripts, routines, or pickup lines.