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On October 28, 1918 the Polish Liquidation Commission was formed in Kraków.The Commission seized power from the Austrians in Galicia and Cieszyn Silesia.All of these holidays and Polish Independence Day are indirectly related because they all emerged from the circumstances at the end of World War I.In other countries, holidays were established in the spirit of grief and horror at the enormous human cost of the war, and they mark the sacrifices of those who fought.For Poland, however, the tragedy of the war was tempered by what had been accomplished at its end: the restoration of a sovereign Polish state that had been lost entirely in the partitions of Poland, after 123 years of struggle.The Polish holiday is therefore simultaneously a celebration of the reemergence of a Polish state and a commemoration of those who fought for it.For Poles, this was a unique opportunity to reclaim their independence.

The holiday was officially replaced by the National Day of Poland's Revival as Poland's National Day, celebrated on the 22 July anniversary of the communist PKWN Manifesto under Josef Stalin.

In 2011 over 20,000 people took place in a daytime march in different cities, preceding the nighttime clashes in Warsaw.