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24-Nov-2016 16:04

The Gmail interface makes Gmail unique amongst webmail systems for several reasons.Most evident to users are its search-oriented features and means of managing e-mail in a "conversation view" that is similar to an Internet forum.Messages of the type that were recently archived or deleted, or are rarely opened are less likely to be marked as important.In September 2010, Google introduced the ‘priority inbox’ which makes use of important markers.A conversation will break off into a new thread if the subject line of a message is changed, or if the conversation reaches over 100 messages.Replied or forwarded messages from some local (like local Yahoo!

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By default, labels appear on the message list and can be customized with a color.Google software engineer Doug Che explained: "We really hoped everyone would learn to love conversation view, but we came to realize that it's just not right for some people." Gmail automatically saves contact details when forwarding e-mails to a previously unknown recipient.If the user changes, adds, or removes information near an e-mail such as the name while sending any e-mail, it also updates that in the contact list, unless the user is using basic HTML view, designed for people with slower internet connections or browsers that do not support AJAX.Even if the use of tabs is switched off, all emails are sorted into one of the five categories, which can be used as automatic labels.

Like labels, categories can be used as a search criterion and be made to appear as labels on the message list.Users can ‘train’ Gmail in recognizing important messages by manually marking messages as important.

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