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Even as inventions such as smart phones, thumb drives and cloud computing have also made it easier for these offenders to round up child pornography, Collins said, other tools such as anonymizers and encryption have enhanced their ability to stay hidden.The pornography itself focuses mostly on prepubescent children, experts and investigators said.

And he explained that for many agents, the first six months are the toughest.Are there any child predators among them, he will ask himself.The moment from early in his career also represents, he said, the kind of psychological battles waged deep within many men and women who staff the FBI’s euphemistically named "Innocent Images" unit.The incident happened in 2008, early in Ryan’s career as a child pornography investigator, but it’s a day he said he remembers because he was still learning the horrors of his assignment.

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He and other agents agreed to talk about the bureau’s specialized team of child pornography and sexual abuse crime fighters in New Jersey — providing a rare glimpse into a world the public never sees and detailing the stress it exacts on the agents.

"Like pedophiles have a nose for vulnerable kids, we have a nose for pedophiles," he said. they can smell a child they’re going to be able to groom.

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