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The news articles are complimented with quilts from the same time periods. This first book in the series of quilting news of yesteryear, provides for primary and secondary sources for quiltmaking spanning one hundred years.

It will be a valuable reference for all of us studying quilt history, women's history and textile history.

I am struck by my great grandmother’s self-sufficiency.

She used her artistic expression and created her own legacy with her quilts.

Making do was a common practice for frugal quilters during those difficult years.

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This book illustrates samples from collections around the world, as well as drawings and engravings of the time.The American Quilt : A History of Cloth and Comfort 1750-1950 This re-issued and updated book is a celebration of the quilt which features more than 250 full-color photographs and a text that shows readers how to examine fabrics, dyes, patterns, and other clues in order to place quilts in their social and cultural context.