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21-Jul-2017 09:26

It’s an unfiltered eye into the legal process, like staring down at an engine as it’s working.

It’s also more than a little ironic: Courts are open, but are they open open?

An anonymous tipster sent Vulture these on-the-scene photos of the kickoff, in which you can see La Beouf sitting pensively against the wall.

Open Court is about as real as reality TV can get when it doesn’t involve Kardashians, real housewives, or people trapped on an island.

An attorney from the DA’s office said the archives would present a lasting, un-editable record if inappropriate or inaccurate information — the names of crime victims, say, or of confidential informants — were to come out in a hearing.

Judge Mark Coven denied the motion, saying “respectfully, I can’t address hypotheticals.” The true hurdles for Open Court, as Davidow described them, come in defining the parameters of how, what, and when the video feed would be active.

“There’s a comfort level with it; you get used to it.

Beginning late last year, they held a series of meetings with the community in and around the court to familiarize others with the project, the gear, and the people who would be filming hearings every day.

) — minus the call-in shows and podium-thumping speeches from politicians.

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