Red light cam chat

11-Nov-2016 22:08

Sinclair noted some communities put the cameras at "busy locations, high-traffic locations, not the necessarily high-crash locations."Councilman Rich Thomas, who is the Democratic candidate for mayor, said he doesn’t support the pilot program the way it’s currently designed.He called it a “financial gimmick” that's being used to balance the budget, adding that he hasn’t seen any data showing that accidents are down since the cameras went into effect.Wendy Bryan questioned whether the cameras actually provide safety at intersections."I don't think anybody cares for the Big Brother aspect of being spied on like that," Bryan said.Wrecks citywide last year were about a third of the 1,774 wrecks a decade ago when the cameras went live.(See full list below)Unlike Yonkers, Mount Vernon doesn’t post the locations of its red light cameras on its website.It also doesn’t put up signs at the monitored intersections, which White Plains has pledged to do when it expects to begin using them, perhaps as early as next year.Download our apps and get alerts for local news, weather, traffic and more.

Sinclair, of AAA, noted other localities opt to pay a percentage of ticket revenue, anywhere from 24 to 36 percent.The money will be used to help pay for new patrol vehicles and a portion of Redding’s share of a new computer system upgrade for law enforcement countywide. Go to court: Admitting guilt if you’ve run a red light and pleading your case to a traffic commissioner could cut your fines in half. Pay your ticket: If you try to skip out on this check, courts can levy additional fines and even suspend your driver's license, according to the Judicial Council of California.