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A fife and drum corps played “Yankee Doodle Dandy” nearby, beside a fading barn.

Smoke billowed from the musket locks, and the shock of the shots thumped against the ribs of all onlookers holding coffee and pastries here Friday morning, about 240 years after the Battle of Brandywine nearly ended America’s budding revolution.

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11, 1777 was a crushing defeat for the patriots, allowing the British to take Philadelphia.

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He lives in South Jersey with his three kids and a dog, and likes to sleep in tents as much as possible.

“In the end, Washington made a fundamental decision for the first, real time to try to match up toe-to-toe with the British,” Meehan said.

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American troops retreated and regrouped, defeated in battle but victorious, eventually, in the war. Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania’s Seventh District, said the battle, despite a loss, offers valuable lessons for all Americans.

“From a strategic point, it was a major element that is not protected by a conservation easement,” said Molly K.

Morrison, president of Natural Lands, a Media-based nonprofit that preserves open space.

This weekend is the second time Birmingham has hosted a commemoration of the battle.

“The field we’re having this reenactment on is still being farmed,” Conklin said. It’s 46 acres and in the middle of it is a farm.” There are a seemingly endless number of properties that could be included in the Battle for Brandywine, and not all are slated to be saved.A parcel that historians and preservationists are eyeing in the area is Osborn Hill, the vantage point from which Howe directed his troops.

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