Rrdupdate not updating

30-Sep-2016 09:53

It does however create RRD files with a sensible set of default RRA (Round Robin Archive) definitions, and can dynamically add new data source names to an existing RRD file. "\n"; # And for the ultimately lazy, you could create and update # an RRD in one go using a one-liner like this: perl -MRRD:: Simple=:all -e"update(@ARGV)" bytes In 99999 method that is available in the RRDs module.This method will render one or more graph images that show the data in the RRD file.The number of image files that are created depends on the retention period of the RRD file. I didn't do rrdtool info on the others beccause they are now showing the correct value after using the same command as in the script to update. The weird thing is that the actual float values are store fine. [email protected]:/scripts# ./routerstats.sh&&rrdtool info rrd/attn.rrd|grep last awk ' /^Max/ /^Channel/ /^SNR/ /^Attn/ /^Pwr/ END ' up N:102 down N:10748 snr N:20..0 attn N:26..0 pwr N:5.1:4.0 ' to float not complete: tail 'nversion of '12.0 ' to float not complete: tail 'onversion of '15.0 ' to float not complete: tail 'nversion of '4.0 last_update = 1441477923 ds[down].last_ds = "U" ds[up].last_ds = "U" Status: Showtime Last Retrain Reason: 0 Last initialization procedure status: 0 Max: Upstream rate = 1120 Kbps, Downstream rate = 10816 Kbps Channel: FAST, Upstream rate = 512 Kbps, Downstream rate = 2048 Kbps Link Power State: L0 Mode: G. TD-X0000 0.0 DSL Modem Router Authorization failed after trying 5 times!!! If you try to update an RRD file that does not exist, it will attept to create the RRD file for you using the same behaviour as described above.

The data source type will be set to whatever is contained in the method, which requires you to explicitly set the data source type.

Valid values are, LINE, LINEn (where n represents the thickness of the line in pixels), AREA or STACK.

method, refer to the example scripts that are bundled with this module in the examples/ directory. , if it exists, otherwise it will default to 0 (boolean false).

This method returns the last (most recent) data point entry time in the RRD file in UNIX time (seconds since the epoch; Jan 1st 1970).

This value should not be confused with the last modified time of the RRD file.

DMT TPS-TC: ATM Mode Trellis: ON Line Status: No Defect Training Status: Showtime Down Up SNR (d B): 21.4 12.0 Attn(d B): 26.0 15.0 Pwr(d Bm): 5.0 2.9 spawn telnet Trying