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The frequency of the activity is a factor, but is not determinative." Whether or not a person is considered to be an investment adviser under the IAA generally depends on three criteria: the type of advice offered, the method of compensation, and whether or not a significant portion of the "adviser's" income comes from proffering investment advice.

Related to the last criterion is the consideration of whether or not a person leads others to believe that he or she is an investment adviser, as for example through advertising.

People who call themselves "financial planners" may under certain circumstances be considered investment advisers under the act.

The difference between a financial planner and an investment adviser as it relates to the IAA is also addressed in the aforementioned Release 1092.

An accountant, for instance, who acts as an investment adviser is in fact considered to be an investment adviser under the act.

If professionals are not to be considered investment advisers under the IAA: they must not present themselves to the public as investment advisers; any investment advice given must be reasonably related to their primary professional function; and fees for the "investment advice" must be based on the same criteria as fees for the primary professional function.

The IAA, however, excludes from its definition of an investment adviser "any broker or dealer whose performance of such [advisory] services is solely incidental to the conduct of his business as a broker or dealer and who receives no special compensation thereof".

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There are, however, several exceptions and exemptions to the registration requirement: investment advisers whose clients all reside in the same state as the adviser's business office and who do not provide advice on securities listed on national exchanges; investment advisers whose clients are solely insurance companies; and certain investment advisers who manage solely private funds holding less than 0 million from U. Much verbiage, however, has gone into exactly what constitutes an investment adviser and his or her corollary—investment advice.

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