Scripture dating while separated

01-Nov-2017 21:08

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HER FORMER HUSBAND who divorced her...” (Deuteronomy 24:4a). But when you’re just separated, you still have a husband. But after awhile the husband gives up the pursuit, then the wife starts to draw back to her husband.

Using the husband and wife example in this Scripture, let me explain what is happening, and what regularly happens in relationships. ” That statement immediately starts the husband to pursue after his wife who is leaving. As long as the husband seems to go away from his wife, or not to display to her a pursuing heart, she will return in many cases. A wife is not to depart [separate] from her husband.

I think all Christians would agree that God's ideal for marriage is "one man and one woman, living together in marriage until parted by death." We see this emphasized by our Lord in Matthew 19:3-12.

As strict as the Pharisees were, they believed that divorce was permissible.

There is one last thing in this Scripture I would like to point out that’s very important.

And a husband is not to divorce his wife” (1Corinthians -11).

This Scripture is NOT referring to a finalized legal divorce, but a “separation” only.

While Jesus looked upon divorce as a "necessary evil" for those who live in a fallen world, it is never looked upon as good.

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Divorce, Jesus said, was never commanded, but only permitted.

The Greek word used for “depart” is chorizo, and it means “to place room between, to separate.” This is clearly seen because the husband and wife before the separation are STILL husband and wife AFTER the separation.