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In 2011, David Hemenway, director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, co-authored a paper that reviewed the available studies, as of 2011, on the effect of Australia’s buyback program on firearm deaths. found strong evidence for a beneficial effect of the law.” Hemenway and his Harvard colleague and co-author, Mary Vriniotis, summarized the evidence in support of the theory that the buyback program saved lives: The authors, however, noted that “no study has explained why gun deaths were falling, or why they might be expected to continue to fall.” That poses difficulty in trying to definitively determine the impact of the law, they write.“Whether or not one wants to attribute the effects as being due to the law, everyone should be pleased with what happened in Australia after the NFA — the elimination of firearm massacres (at least up to the present) and an immediate, and continuing, reduction in firearm suicide and firearm homicide,” the authors write. 6: A reader took issue with our chart for homicides in Australia from 2008 to 2013, because we didn’t use a zero-based vertical axis. We have updated this article to replace that chart with one that uses a zero-based vertical axis.

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It also instituted a mandatory buyback program for firearms banned by the 1996 law.The number of firearm-related homicides also has dropped substantially since the 1996 gun law was enacted.“The number of homicide incidents involving a firearm decreased by 57 percent between 1989--14,” the government crime trends report says.We wrote at the time: “Have murders increased since the gun law change, as claimed?

Actually, Australian crime statistics show a marked decrease in homicides since the gun law change.

Since 1996, the number and rate of homicides — defined as murder and manslaughter — has fallen.

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