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Kelly found in her own research that it’s sometimes difficult for LGBT people to shatter the glass ceiling simply because some LGBT employees must leave the workplace for their own safety and well-being.“While policy is not going to fix everything, certainly having a legal standing is going help people,” Kelly said.A study by National Center for Transgender Equality and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force found that in one sample, nearly 81 percent of transgender workers had experienced harassment and discrimination on the job at some time and 29 percent had lost their jobs due to their gender identity.“What’s going on there is old fashioned discrimination and harassment.” Kelly said.Some had waited for eight years to testify at the Jan. “You’re allowing a few people to influence the entire state,” he wanted to tell lawmakers. “I fear for her safety on a daily basis,” she said.Shelley Axtell wanted to send lawmakers a different message. She stood among moms, dads and grandparents who wanted to tell the story of Idaho’s sons and daughters.

No one keeps records on the many jumps that happen at night, in the boondocks or with no one else around.A few lawmakers took the opportunity, searching for minor clarifications, but those ready to testify had questions of their own. ” “Why would you not want to add protections for all Idahoans? Manchester University (Indiana) sociologist Barbara J. Burdge has asked many of same questions that Idaho civil rights advocates are asking, including “Why?” It’s an old question in sociology, perhaps the question of sociology.“The research shows that there is ongoing discrimination and harassment of [LGBT] people,” she said.

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“Everybody talks about some form of harassment and discrimination at some time.” Numbers point to the extent of discrimination transgender people face.However, the current BASE number is above 1,800, and the World BASE Fatality List reached 97 on Feb 6, 2013. Any copying or reproduction without explicit consent of the author is forbidden.

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