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In July 2016, while he still was facing that charge, he bit his wife during an argument over a cellphone at their home in Geismar. Brown eventually pleaded no contest to charges in both cases, but he faced lesser penalties because the first case wasn't counted as a domestic abuse charge.

If it had been, his second offense would have been a felony. Moreno tried in 2015 to get lawmakers to cover dating partners under domestic abuse statutes, but opponents claimed it was too broadly defined and successfully killed the provision. Sport said at the time that half of domestic violence victims are considered "dating partners" who do not live with and are not married to their abusers.

His resignation was the right outcome, but his case exposed a weakness in the state's domestic abuse laws. Brown's first offense in November 2015 was classified as simple battery -- not domestic abuse battery -- because dating partners aren't covered by Louisiana domestic violence laws. First, it is no less dangerous dating a batterer than it is being married to one.

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These two bills could be life-changing for victims."Under our criminal statute, you can only be a victim if you are a family member or an opposite sex household member, living together as spouses whether married or not," Kim Sport, past chairwoman of the Louisiana Commission to Prevent Domestic Violence, said after Mr. That omission in the law allows some abusers to escape the stronger penalties of domestic abuse battery, including a 26-week Domestic Abuse Intervention Program and loss of their firearms, she said. Brown punched after the 2015 Bayou Classic told New Orleans police officers that he stood over her and hit her with a closed fist as she sat in a hotel hallway.The two had been arguing in a hotel room when she decided to leave with friends."Everybody needs to be protected no matter what your sexual orientation," Rep. "Everybody needs to be protected from abuse." Of course they do. Moreno deserve credit for trying to make sure that happens.

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