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He mentions the concept of the stage consecrating festival play. They discuss the changes that have occurred on campus over the past sixty years.

During Anderson and Barnhart's day, Indiana University had only 1,800 students, African-Americans were not permitted to participate in varsity sports, and a date cost only twenty cents. After leaving Indiana University, he first found work as a reporter and later, worked for the Department of Health in drug and alcohol education. Anderson became an educator and the school principal of Arsenal Technical High School. Arlt, a member of the German Department at Indiana University from 1923 to 1925 and from 1931 to 1935, relates the events occurring after World War I that led to the beginning of his career in Bloomington.

For other locations housing the interviews from this project, please contact the Center for the Study of History and Memory office.

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This was the beginning of a relationship that would last decades and have a meaningful impact on the Indiana University School of Music.

Baker began teaching in the School of Music in 1966, and soon thereafter created one of the first jazz degree programs in the country.