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Powerful special interests lined up against a bridge as well.The railroads, then operating most of the ferries and barges on the bay, were dead set against it.The drive across the bridge is always stunning – whether the sun is shining or the fog is pouring through the Gate.The Bay Area celebrated the 75 Anniversary of the opening of the bridge in 2012.Its fog and rocky reefs resulted in over 100 shipwrecks – not to mention the political battles and special interests that aligned themselves against a bridge ever being built.Most engineers of the time felt it was physically impossible to construct a bridge over the Golden Gate.Engineers proposed various ideas, but none of them went very far; the task just seemed too daunting.The distance to span, the depth of the channel, the powerful tidal currents, and the high winds made it almost foolhardy to even try.

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Dairymen and ranchers believed that hikers and campers would interfere with the grazing of their livestock.In addition, there’s a connection with two Regents of Sigma Nu and two chapter founders.

Five islands present in 1947, ranging in size from 1 to 5 hectares, had completely disappeared by 2014.… continue reading »

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The Drug Offender Reform Act, commonly referred to by its acronym DORA, was created by the Utah Legislature.… continue reading »

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Martin Lewis, the founder of Money Saving, is a prime example of blogging success.… continue reading »

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