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As a result, even tiny shards of broken pottery at an archeological site can identify changes in who lived there.Native American pottery from Little Falls, on Potomac River Source: National Park Service, Archeology and History in Rock Creek Park One challenge for archeologists is assessing the speed of technological changes.For example, the mound-building culture left evidence of their presence west of the Blue Ridge and in the Rivanna River valley, but not on the Coastal Plain.The mound builders apparently never have tasted fresh clams and blue crabs, though they may have traded for smoked oysters.the first people in Virginia arrived about 15,000 years ago Source: Theodore De Bry Copper Plate Engravings - Native Americans Preparing for a Feast Virginia has a diversity of people, people who came from different places and cultures dating back 15,000 or so years.When the first Paleo-Indian hunting bands arrived, they probably shared many common characteristics.

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When the Europeans arrived, there were distinct tribes different languages and different lifestyles.Iroquoian-speaking groups lived in the Blackwater River and Nottoway River watersheds.Just across what would become the Virginia-North Carolina border lived the Tuscarora along the Roanoke, Neuse, Tar, and Pamlico rivers.Within the colony, the rivalries were equally intense.

George Kendall was executed after the Council determined he was a spy supporting the rival Catholic kingdom of Spain.

In Bacon's Rebellion, the Susquehannock and Dogue were attcking setlers in the backcountry, but Nathaniel Bacon led his army against the peaceful Occoneechee and Pamunkey.