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27-Jul-2016 06:45

With sinister plots, a quick history lesson, truly sickening scenes and a flaming pumpkin in true Halloween fashion, this flick is perfect for a chill October night.

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Johnny Depp plays the part of Ichabod Crane who meets the stunning Katrina Van Tassel (Christina Ricci) in a sleepy little town plagued by a supernatural terror: The Headless Horseman.Blood is thick and the meat pies sold on Fleet Street are even thicker, and Todd sure knows how to give the closest shave any man has ever had.Scouts honor: You may not gag, you may not shiver, you may not cover your mouth in horror, but you will find the darkness you desire in this movie.A deaf writer moves to the middle of nowhere to finish her novel, but someone in a sinister white mask is prowling the woods.

With whit, humor and terror abounding, this is not your typical horror film. 100% recommend watching with the lights off and in complete silence (except for the movie obviously).

Let’s play a game: Investigate whatever is behind the locked door in the basement or listen to your mother remind you to wash the clothes on cold every single day.