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But the album never materialized, and "Spinning Around" was instead given to Kylie Minogue. Abdul served as the choreographer for several film and theater productions, including the 1998 musical Reefer Madness and the cheerleading scenes in the 1999 film American Beauty (she had previously also choreographed the 1991 film The Doors).

Cuz simon always has his arm aroudn her, and they hold hands alot? and i think he is always goofing around with Ryan Seacrest. pay attention they look a lot at each other, and theres something there...

I havent been watching American idol very long, so ya. Cuz simon always has his arm aroudn her, and they hold hands alot? no, they say he has a hot girlfriend, but i dont think so, that should be a charade because he looks so gayyyyyyy.

During her freshman year, she was selected from a pool of 700 candidates for the cheerleading squad of the Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball team—the famed Laker Girls. Her television appearances include The Tracey Ullman Show, American Music Awards, the Academy Awards, and several commercials, such as The King's touchdown celebration, as seen in a string of popular Burger King television commercials that aired during the 2005–06 NFL season.

Although she had appeared in the musical film Junior High School years earlier, her singing voice was relatively untrained, but her exceptional dancing proved marketable to the visually oriented, MTV-driven, pop music industry.The album eventually became multi-platinum in the spring and summer of 1989, and it spawned five American Top Three singles, four of them No.

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