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27-Dec-2016 10:11

You can’t be throwing attitude or having sad or angry moments or mood swings. However, if your work place boss thinks you have attitude, you are in deep sh*t. So you need to develop a neutral work face which remains unfazed through your personal ups and downs. My dad’s in the army, and you can say I had a pretty typical clichéd childhood.

First impressions are not last impressions, but they are definitely long lasting. I’d go to school, do my homework, go swimming, read a book, go for dance classes, come back home and sleep.

It was all about selling your fest or representing your college, making marketing pitches, negotiating with the secretaries of various celebrities.

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However, if I had to put down one very important achievement of sort, it would be my participation in Symbhav 2012. I was heading the Sponsorship Committee that year, and that year we were the largest fest in Pune based sheerly on the Sponsorship kitty we ended up with.

Work Life will have the same components that you already face in college -hierarchy, politics, deadline, all nighters etc. The major change that does happen, is in the amount of free time that you’re left with.

I miss just hanging put in the college canteen for hours wid a cup of A deadline is a deadline, irrespective of the fact that you might be fighting with your best friend. Professionally, you have to be dedicated and you need to know what you want. You don’t have to wallow in ‘fakeness’, but if you are having a bad day, your personal life cannot meddle with the professional one.

While its completely normal for students from other non-law colleges, law students have this tendency to look down upon extra-curriculars, which I feel is pretty sad and also harmful for us.

It should be totally cool for a law school student to also be participating in dance competitions, fashion shows, plays, acapella competitions etc. Form a dance troupe in your college, sign up for the Teach for India programme, organize a charity drive, just do something that makes you look and think beyond law.I’m not showing off, I’m just a very proud ex-Symbhav OC member.

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