Sock fetish dating

19-Nov-2017 21:42

While I can go through my life without experiencing foot domination again, I can at least understand some of its appeal.

How odd that so many people have to hide this small sexual inclination (and so many others) out of fear of getting labeled as a deviant, getting fired or ridiculed, living in a constant state of stress.

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Well, it’s definitely a job, but it’s a job that I enjoy, which I would hope for most people, that they do a job that they like.

He says his clients enjoy getting treated like pieces of furniture.

They love it when the he props up his feet and calls friends, reads a book, acts like they don’t exist. The dom kicks off his shoes, pressing his sock-clad feet onto my mouth and nose.

“The boot is going to put a damper on it, but we’ll still manage to spend some quality time with each other,” he says.

“Just a nice romantic dinner — we like to go out for dinner so we don’t have to do dishes or cook food — and the conversation.

We keep things light, funny and informative: cracking jokes, constantly on the verge of laughter, he keeps a warm smile throughout our initial conversation.

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