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13-Jul-2017 10:43

No heavy lifting should be done after this surgery.I went back today for 2nd follow up and surgeon said I am heled perfect.Will they be able to remove the entire sling, or is it already embedded in my tissues?Would you recommend waiting (w/discomfort) until I can get in to see the other drs. Or should I just go ahead and schedule the surgery since I'm pretty sure that that's what I want to do anyway?I didn't have to go as often and when I got the urge I didn't have to cross my legs and stand still until the urge went away.Now for the past 4 months I have increasingly gotten back to the presurgery status...wetting myself alot more than I did and going every 1-2 hrs and not feeling fully emptied when I go.After all of this, my question(s) is (are): how common is the bladder sling surgery repair?

So nice going to the gym and being able to jump around like the young ones do! I didn't even need any pain meds when I got home.Hi there, I had the monarch bladder surgery in July,2011 and it was the best thing I ever did. The insides of my legs were a little sore but when you think of the position you are in for this, well that explains it. I took the whole time off work, 6 weeks and enjoyed my summer.i do a lot of lifting and I was not going to No swimming for the first 4 weeks but the weather sucked here this summer so that worked for me.The one down-side of the surgery: at 8 weeks post-op, during sex, my husband said it felt like I :still had a stitch." I thought it would dissolve - didn't get it checked (stupid).

I just got home from the doctor, and sure enough, the sling has erode through to my vagina.So glad I had this done as regular bladder suspension without sling does not hold long. I had this surgery & I do not regret it; I had to take it easy and not lift for 3 months.