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25-Oct-2017 03:59

Keep in touch Communication nowadays is easy, but shifting the focus of interaction from quantity to quality can help to keep things interesting and enable you to get to know each other while you’re apart.

Text messages are handy for a quick hello, but it’s hard to really connect on a deep level through this sort of channel.

When you first think of Oxford you probably picture its 'dreaming spires', but there is much more to the city than just pretty architecture.

Make your time together special One of the benefits of being in a long term relationship is that when you do get to spend time together, it’s often really good quality time.

It doesn’t always feel like that when you’re living on the other side of the world from your partner, or even the other side of the country.

Regardless of how globalised the economy may be, relationships without regular face to face contact are tough.

The city's ever perfectly proportioned population of around 150,000 residents is ever changing due to Oxford's famous university.

There are thousands of opportunities to date in Oxford – and endless places to romance that date too.

That’s not to say they can’t work, or that they don’t in fact suit some people very well, but they do require thought and planning.