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PSVs of that era usually carry a tax disc holder with spaces for three discs.One is obviously the RFT disc, the second is the PSV licence. Peter Cook No-one has come back to you and I don’t go back beyond ’68, but one of the discs definitely said ‘Hackney’ and, to make bus travel as economical as possible, it wouldn’t surprise me if the RFL wasn’t the same as a car’s.Proprietors were variously M, F B, and FF Applewhite.There were Applewhite coaches and an Applewhite Garage in Dunham at the time.Where the East Notts title does arise however is on Lincolnshire RCC vehicles based at Newark in the 1970/80’s.This arose when NBCcompanies were increasingly reliant on local authority subsidies.

It would be unusual for a Tilling company to retain an old operators name unless it was very substantial, in which case I would have anticipated seeing it somewhere in those sources.

For similar reasons it is possible that some buses at the Gainsborough depot may have been rebranded also, but not those at Lincoln or Grantham which came into Newark.

I cannot recall any suggestion that this resurrected a historical name in any way.

Roger Broughton In addition to Bournemouth and Huddersfield, trolleybus coasting brakes were also specified by the Ministry of Transport for the LPTB and Brighton for certain routes.

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The coasting brake was applied by the driver using a switch or lever on the master controller.

It connected the traction motor armature and series field in such a way that it acted as a generator and was loaded to a portion of the starting resistance.