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Women can spot self-confidence in men from a mile away.They don’t even have to try to attract women, they just do naturally!This course teaches men how to understand women, relationships, and the dating world from the inside out.It offers inside dating advice, techniques, and principles based on observations, collected writings, psychology, philosophy, seduction, and common sense in how to attract women into your life.You won’t fear approaching women and interacting with them, and you will exude self-confidence.Most of the time, those hot babes will be the ones who approach you, because they will be attracted by the confidence of your body language. Women love leaders and they love a guy that can make decisions and who’s decisive in his actions.Try as much as possible in life to take on more of a leadership role. It could be at work and leading the way in terms of your job, or applying for the management position in your company. It might be changing careers, leaving a job you hate, climbing a massive mountain, jumping out of an airplane, or getting up in front of thousands of people and talking.It could be on the weekends and being the guy that decides where to go, what to do, and leads the group in many ways. Anything that requires the balls and guts to do it.

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Carlos draws on years of experience in Eastern philosophy, psychology, Martial Arts, sales, and plain old common sense to explai Carlos Xuma is about to rip open and expose all the myths about attracting beautiful women into your life... His teachings are based on how to be more of an alpha male and displaying alpha characteristics in order to be more attractive to women.Just like men find women with big breasts and curves attractive, women find alpha males irresistible.There’s a magnetic quality that attracts women to fall for an alpha male.

The main characteristic that define an alpha male is CONFIDENCE.i'm reading juggler's (whom i really like) book Conversational Jujitsu, its going good, but i'll see.