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01-Jul-2016 13:04

Hair-like protrusions are sometimes placed along the whole length of the condom, the object being to bring the receiver to whole new levels of sexual pleasure. Rather than explain how the condom increases pleasure, why don’t you just show her how it works? The ticklers are typically at the end but these may also be found at the base, depending on what animal or plant-like form the condom takes.

What if we tell you that this sleeve that levels up sexual pleasure come in the form of domestic animals? The tickler also adds girth to your pleasure organ and your lady love will definitely appreciate that, whether she has animal/plant fetish or not.

But if you haven’t tried this special type of condom just yet and you are planning to get one soon (they’re sold separately, okay?

), here are a few tidbits of information that might prove useful.

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