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25-Apr-2017 12:26

in the morning when bull has to dump a load, have him drag sissy into the toilet on all fours.

This is an updated version of a previously written story I submitted under a different username.

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Laugh, grin, giggle or shake your head in contempt every time you see your husbands ****. Tell your husband you can't wait to have sex with someone else. Tell your husband you're horny because you have been thinking of some other man. Make your husband watch as you prepare to go out to look for other men. Make your husband watch as you prepare to go out on a date.

When out buying **** clothes, take your husband with you and make it clear to the sales staff that the clothes will be worn for other men, not your husband. Then ask your husband if he thinks he should go to the store and buy more or risk having you run out. When your lover is over, send him to bed early (like ) so you can have some privacy with your lover. Threaten to give him a bare bottom spanking in front of your lover if he comes out of his bedroom before morning. Make your husband drive over to the lover's house so she can **** him.

" Or, "Mmm, I know I can pick up a lot guys with that! The bull will then force the poor cuck to snort that nasty stuff up using his ****** (brown! Wonder aloud whether or not there are enough condoms. While spanking his bare butt, lecture him about how you deserve a good ******* from a real man and you are not going to tolerate him interrupting that. Once your husband is excited at the prospect, get on the phone and call you lover.

Leave notes for your husband telling him your out on a date and for him to clean the house, wash the car, do chores etc. Call your lovers in front of your husband just to flirt, chat and make dates. Make your husband buy all of your condoms and lube. Make your husband pay for all items and services related to your ******* other men. Make your husband lick out *** from your ***** and ***. Make your husband lick off any ***** juice and *** from your lovers ****. Make your husband suck your lovers **** into a hard on so your lover can **** you again. Make your husband guide your lovers **** into your ***** and ***. Make your husband lie under the bed while you **** your lovers. Tell your girlfriends your husband is a cuckold and you like to flirt alot whit other men, when you are a party.

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