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17-Oct-2017 20:00

You can also choose whether to ignore any external projects in the update (i.e.projects referenced using error messages when you try to commit them!Repeat the process for each document you want to update. She began writing human-interest articles while working at local news website San mx, which led to writing a how-to column for her local newspaper, "The San Felipe Newsletter." Scott is pursuing a degree in equine studies from the University of Guelph.

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Suppose your working copy is at revision 100, but you want it to reflect the state which it had in revision 50 - then simply update to revision 50. This opens a new dialog where you can check all items you want in your working copy and uncheck all the items you don't want.

The standard Update command has no options and just updates your working copy to the HEAD revision of the repository, which is the most common use case.