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22-Aug-2017 07:04

In this article, you'll take a look at what Java Web Start and JNLP are, learn how to use Java Web Start to run JNLP-packaged applications, and learn how to build and deploy your own.

Quite simply, Java Web Start is a mechanism for program delivery through a standard Web server.

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Since these programs run outside the browser, you might think they can freely perform operations that are restricted within an applet. They continue to run within a restricted container, or .

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Once deployed, the programs do not need to be downloaded again, and they can automatically download updates on startup without requiring the user to go through the whole installation process again.

Using raw sockets wouldn’t allow for the delegate callbacks (people subscribed to the Mediator class’ Message Received event). Hence here the collaboration pattern is that each participant (here the buttons) communicates to the mediator its activity and the mediator dispatches the expected behavior to the other participants.

protected Property Change Listener create Action Property Change Listener(Action a) Creates and returns a Property Change Listener responsible for listening to changes from the specified Action and updating the appropriate properties.

Mediator - defines the interface for communication between Colleague objects Concrete Mediator - implements the Mediator interface and coordinates communication between Colleague objects.

It is aware of all of the Colleagues and their purposes with regards to inter-communication.A chat room could use the Mediator pattern, or a system where many ‘clients’ each receive a message each time one of the other clients performs an action (for chat rooms, this would be when each person sends a message).