Updating maps for gps

05-Oct-2016 00:00

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Simply plug in your Garmin device via its USB port, download and install Express for Mac or Windows, and open the application.

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Downloading maps for the wrong system will do nothing for your GPS maps.

Also, make sure that your GPS has the capability to be connected to your computer, otherwise you will only be able to get your maps from a map disc or through the unit itself, and not for free.

Search for the software needed for your particular GPS.

But for many map options, especially international street maps beyond those you purchased with your unit, you will have to pay.

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If you've purchased one of Garmin's many GPS units that offer free map updates, you will choose this map updates page, which will prompt you to download and install the Garmin Express map updater utility, if you don't already have it installed.Many boaters depend on Garmin charts for everything from lakes to the open ocean.

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