Updating nba 2k9 rosters

22-Apr-2017 05:30

A blank basketball file has also been included in the Optional Files, where it is an ordinary leather ball without the Spalding logo and text on it.zackiritoryan of NLSC made a major contribution to Kuroko V Slam Dunk and as such is now considered part of the very small modding team we have.For Ryonan, the first roster features the lineup against Shohoku during the practice game, where Kicchou Fukuda is still banned from playing.The second roster features the lineup against Kainan where Akira Sendoh played Point Guard and the third lineup features the lineup against Shohoku in the Final Four of the Kanagawa Prefecture Tournament.

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An error to Mayuzumi's (Rakuzan) was fixed for this version, and Kaijo now has a yellow headband color (for Kise's zone) while Seirin (Season 3) and Team Vorpal Swords have orange headband colors.For Kainan, the first and second rosters feature the lineup game against Shohoku, with Shinichi Maki 's brushed up hair and Kiyota Nobunaga's long hair.

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