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29-Jun-2017 08:51

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Without a way to disable the GPS on the Nuvi 200 series, even that long workaround becomes impossible.I often fly for work and I like to calculate how long it will take to get from my destination airport to the hotel. Another interesting change in the 200 series is the suction cup mount.The buttons have a little bit of a more modern looking design and are more rounded than the squarish buttons on other Nuvis.When it asks for a state the Nuvi still can’t figure out that when I type in “NY” I mean “New York”.The right side and bottom have no buttons or connectors.The only other item is the USB/power connector that has been moved from the right side to the back of the Nuvi 200.

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(Unless, of course, you bought it in Canada.) Like the poster above said, you can load it from the 2008 DVD to an SD card and have access to the US and Canadian maps. A few of the menu items have been rearranged a little bit if you are used to other Nuvi designs, but not so much that they make an important difference in function. ” menu has been changed to include a separate button for Points of Interest rather than cramming them all into the parent menu.This is a welcome change and makes it easier to access the buttons for intersections, cities, browsing the map, etc.It has virtually the same width and height, but is just a sliver thinner than the 300 models. Like its siblings there is a power button across the top, but the operation of this power button has changed. You slide the button to the left and release to turn the power on or off.

You can also move the slider to the right that locks input to the device, much like a hold button on an i Pod.As much as I didn’t like the flip up design, being able to disable the GPS did have some advantages.