Vba example updating a text box

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Regardless of what character a user types in the text box, an asterisk is displayed, as shown in Figure 7.45.Figure 7.45 Password example With Max Length, you determine how many characters can be typed in the text box.For example, if you drag a Yes/No field from the Field List pane to a form or report, Access creates a check box.If you drag an OLE Object field to a form or report, Access creates a bound object frame, and if you drag an attachment field to a form or report, Access creates an attachment control.You can control the insertion point and selection behavior in a text box with the Sel Start, Sel Length and Sel Text properties.For More Information See "Working with Text Boxes" in "Forms, Controls, and Menus" for a demonstration of the Sel Start, Sel Text, and Sel Length properties.

Top of Page An unbound text box is not connected to a field in a table or query.

The text box control is used to display information entered by the user at run time, or assigned to the Text property of the control at design or run time.

Figure 7.44 The text box control In general, the text box control should be used for editable text, although you can make it read-only by setting its Locked property to True.

On a form, you can use a text box that is bound to an updatable record source to enter or edit data in a field.

The changes that you make in the text box will be reflected in the underlying table.

Text boxes also allow you to display multiple lines, to wrap text to the size of the control, and to add basic formatting.

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