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15-Aug-2016 10:49

Screen Updating = True 'Let user know results 'This Workbook.

Goto Reference:=Range("A1") End If Next sr application.

I will start with a citation: “I am reading a sheet from an Excel File…

I am pooling (with a While loop) the entire worksheet to process each cell …

The problem is that it is VERY SLOW because the file is huge… ” This is a known problem: doing things cell by cell in Excel is a slow operation.

The Excel object model provides two ways to speed up the code.

Auto Si ze = pp Auto Size Shape To Fit Text ' With Active Window.

Bold = mso True End Sub Sub createappdpage() Set ppslide = PPPres.

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Copy Picture Appearance:=xl Screen, Format:=xl Picture 'Paste the range and align With ppslide.

Select App Activate apptitle If Len(mess) 0 Then Msg Box ("Ready " & mess) Else Msg Box Chr(13) " Successfully copied to Power Point!