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13-Sep-2016 13:44

i just really want to try it I fell asleep on your bed. Also, I'm even unsure on how to approach the topic. who can give me my first lesbian expeience but i dnt know how. I dnt wana ask people im close to because it would just make thngs awkwars i wana maybe chat with someone then get together and go from there. I want to be in bed with a girl and feel her naked body against mine, I know I'm not emotionally attracted to girls, just sexually. One day i went out with my friends, i was a bit drunk and everything was going fine, then this pretty girl started looking at me and smiling i didnt know what was happening but i do remeber i returned te smiles and the looks finally she came closer to me and asked me for my phone...

After i had started feeling attraction to other girls, because of the summer fling i had (which i just mentioned in the other story) i needed to find a girl that could help me in my craving, so i met this girl online a bit sketchy i know but i live in a very conservative city, i...

It's just a totally different ( not better ) experience than being with a man .

I love getting that more sensual side every so often , If your in the vegas area and your feminine I would love to chat...

thinking a lot about trying to have sex with another girl. We slept in her bed together at night and all I could think about was reaching over, sliding my hand under her shirt and massaging those soft breasts of hers.

I have a boyfriend and it really turns me on imagining having my boyfriend watches it..perhaps joining if the other person doesn't mind.

I already knew that she was bi and she knew I was too.

Whenever I see her, I have this desire to kiss her and I really wish it would come true.

i dont really want an emotional attachment i just want to do it without commitment... We had been cuddling for awhile but it meant a lot more to me than it did to you. Legs draped over one another; bodies ridiculously close, but I wanted more. Although it is a risk when getting the app and confessing your most inner thoughts. Maybe not necessarily sex, just the touching and kissing that comes before sex. im a very attractive female but very shy ive never yet had first-time sex with a hot girl, im now 31 still luckily look so young i dont have any girls as friends but only a few guys who i dont really get to see or would want to ask, hey take me to gay places lol...

No one I know, knows this about me but ever since I've started watching the videos I've wanted to try it but have never had the opportunity before. There is nothing that my body craves more than to have another wet pvssy rubbing on mine grinding and sticking and pulsing.. Haha I live in Las Vegas, any sexy thick girls living/visiting here that want to have some naughty wet fun hit me up NOW...

But I would love to because it looks so sexy and... Lately I have been really wondering what it would be like to make love to another woman.

i like guys too but i just want to try how it would feel to be with another girl. I was raised in a strong Christian home,and I was taught that being gay or bisexual is wrong,but ever since I was 13 I new that I was bisexual.

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I am 18 now and I still have not told my family that I am bisexual or that I am dating a girl, Nichole, is my best friend and I couldn't... Almost every girl I know has been with another woman or fantasizes about it .After two failed marriages for some reason I just want to experience the feeling of being in a womans arms. I sat near your head and began to stroke your hair, oh it is so soft and the scent, perfect.