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Through the first part of the 20th-century, behaviorism had become a major force within psychology. Where the early behaviorists had focused their interests on associative learning, Skinner was more interested in how the to refer to any "active behavior that operates upon the environment to generate consequences." In other words, Skinner's theory explained how we acquire the range of learned behaviors we exhibit each and every day.

His theory was heavily influenced by the work of psychologist Edward Thorndike, who had proposed what he called the law of effect.

If you tell the same story again in another class but nobody laughs this time, you will be less likely to repeat the story again in the future.

Skinner distinguished between two different types of behaviors While classical conditioning could account for respondent behaviors, Skinner realized that it could not account for a great deal of learning.

He created a device known as an operant conditioning chamber, most often referred to today as a Skinner box.

The chamber was essentially a box that could hold a small animal such as a rat or pigeon.

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The removal of a desirable outcome or negative outcome application can be used to decrease or prevent undesirable behaviors.

For example, a child may be told they will lose recess privileges if they talk out of turn in class.