Webbrowser documenttext not updating

28-Feb-2017 16:49

So if you update the IE of your machine, the web browser will update as well.

In this article I will discuss the basic usage of WPF method.

Note: The Web Browser control is resource-intensive. Dispose method when you are finished using the control to ensure that all resources are released in a timely fashion. Dispose method on the same thread that attached the events, which should always be the message or user-interface (UI) thread.

Additionally, you can use the Web Browser control to add your existing Web-based controls to your Windows Forms client applications.

This article demonstrates how you can use Web Browser control to show html document within your WPF application.

You can also go for normal urls to load this rather than using the Content url using this.

Similar to this, you can also load data from a file located in your hard drive.

Object For Scripting property, to implement two-way communication between your application code and dynamic HTML (DHTML) code in a Web page, letting you combine Web-based controls and Windows Forms controls in a single user interface. Document property to call scripting code methods from your application.

This property is useful, when used in combination with the Web Browser.

Link Id=198812, and uses whichever version of the control is installed on the user's computer.