What rhymes with intimidating

08-Nov-2016 09:35

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Thinking that, if you get to Illuminati levels of hip-hop, it’ll get you something more than the information that you absorb.

So the lead character [in the musical] was someone who took this information the wrong way and did something ridiculous because of it. We’d had a couple of little bits about it, but he was passionate about it.

I think it’s because I entertained all of his crazy ideas.

We were co-conspirators on his plans, and I took everything he said seriously. He was a real genius, someone who had so many things that he wanted to do.

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It meant the same guy who once rapped "I'll throw a TV at you" penning a cookbook full of prison recipes.

It meant, during what would become the final days of his life, working on a musical about the Illuminati.

A music journalist with years in the game, Kathy Iandoli helped Prodigy, who passed away Tuesday, at 42, achieve those second-act goals.

It's not something that a lot of people do, and so it was a pleasant surprise for me.

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When we went on our book tour, we were at this stop and there were dudes hovering around—more for him, but he just assumed they were coming for me for whatever reason.

He was part of Internet culture, because Mobb Deep is such an integral part of hip-hop. He had a lot of friends of the new generation; he was cool with Yams and a bunch of other dudes who would keep him aware.