Whitney houston dating shemar moore

25-Jul-2017 02:20

He joined Syfy in 1998 as director or Scheduling and Administration.Whitney Houston went out partying last night and was seen with blood and scratches on her leg and wrist!I'm a huge fan of Shemar, and I admire the love for his mom he holds true,on most interviews he always speak of his bond with her and that she wants grand kids, but for real , Shemar can't give his momma grand kids Shemar goes "hard", that party scene he's throwing, Shemar gotta some "freak" in him too. Whitney Houston was clearly suffering and now she is dead. I read my bible and have a personal relationship with the Lord.Kids ain't coming no time soon, Good luck with that People, love one another as i love you is one of the greatest commandments. So hard that you feel to quit, especially when there's no one to help. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the "blood on Whitney's thighs" are really on her calf, and could be (gasp) the result of having shaved her legs after the show? Let's have some compassion and let her rest in peace. These were likely taken during the last few hours of her life. I'm sadden to hear about Whitney but that was the life SHE choose and it should be a lesson to her family, friends especially her daughter. I have a problem with the way u address this situation.“Dope Man” follows Tim Ryan, an ex-con and former addict who lost his son to heroin and nearly died from it himself before embracing recovery.EXECUTIVE NEWS “Sharknado” architect Chris Regina resigned from Syfy on Thursday.

TMZ copped these pics: The theme of the party was simple...posted out back.A&E Network’s docu-series “Intervention” will premiere Monday, July 31 at 9 p.m.ET/PT, immediately followed by the premiere of “Dope Man” at 10 p.m. “Intervention” profiles people with uncontrollable addictions and brings attention to the social, economic, and environmental cost of addictions.Whatever may have happened, she was able to pull it together and sign a few autographs and show love to her fans.

Sigh....has to wonder if the bankruptcy stories are true.See the pics inside and peep photos of a wild lingerie party at Shemar Moore's house.....