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” A photo posted by Bryiana Noelle (@bryiana_noelle) on Half way through the Aladdin show he told me he had to use the restroom and all I could think was “oh, no.. yes I could because our life together is filled with pleasant surprises. I’ve spent my entire life dreaming of the love I get to share with @robdyrdek but if he brings me on that stage in front of everyone, I’m going to have a panic attack.. (Hashtag Confessions Of An Introvert) A photo posted by Bryiana Noelle (@bryiana_noelle) on “And for my second wish, I’d like the most beautiful woman God has ever created to join me on stage.” And then it happened.

you’re going to miss the show for the for the 4th time! definitely NOT missing the show because he was taking over! A photo posted by Bryiana Noelle (@bryiana_noelle) on When Rob decided to take over Al’s 3 wishes, the first one was “I wish to be in the Aladdin show” and then it hit me. As I’m shaking and trying to remind myself to breathe, I make my way onto the stage.. We were frozen in that perfect, just absolutely flawless moment and nothing in the world mattered but us and our love.

@bryiana_noelle really wanted to go see the Aladdin Show at Disney and I of course made it happen.

I will let the big-hearted Rob Dyrdek (and the equally big-hearted, but shy, Bryiana) describe what happened, both in words and in pictures: I always try to be the best boyfriend I can be.

I can’t wait to see what our future has in store for us, but I know that every bit of it will continue to outdo every previous magical moment. I have to say that is one of my favorite proposal stories EVER, especially with the smitten commentary by these two goobers.

A photo posted by Bryiana Noelle (@bryiana_noelle) on And now you know, there are 2 sides to every story but this one has the same outcome.. And just in case you were curious and asking, Who is Rob Dyrdek’s fiancee Bryiana Noelle?

And you're the answer to my prayers from up above," she wrote on Instagram one day before the wedding.

"I love you more than anything in the world and I can't wait to (officially) be your wife."Close friend and co-star Chris Pfaff was in attendance and was able to share behind-the-scenes moments from the magical day including the groomsmen.

Now the situation is setting in and she is petrified as she is escorted to the stage.

A photo posted by Rob Dyrdek (@robdyrdek) on Wow.really is the most beautiful amazing woman God has ever created. For my final wish I ask the Genie for something I can give her that shows her my love for her is a forever love and he presented me with the most amazing diamond ring.

A photo posted by Rob Dyrdek (@robdyrdek) on I am truly humbled by our love. @bryiana_noelle you are the love of my life and my true destiny.

Rob and Bryiana-soon-to-be-Dyrdek shall live happily.. ” The answer is that she is a 23-year-old model and founder of Iconic Beauty, “a women’s empowerment brand built on the foundation of mentorship and personal development.” Playmate of the Month for September 2013.

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Raised in California, Bryiana is of Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Cherokee and Blackfoot descent.

The day I met you I knew I would spend the rest of my life with you.

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