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And echoing Heidi’s sentiments, Tony’s personality can be a study in contrasts at times: extremely charming in the media one minute, a total diva the next.Makes it hard to figure out which is closer to the real him…I really want TPTB to give him another chance and for Dmitry to take that chance and fly with it.He’s such a wonderful calming presense on the show and quite honestly that’s a breath a fresh air considering all the personalities on the show : I really like Dmitry as a person but as a choreographer/dancer he seems kinda dull to me. ” I felt bad, but I also thought that he had to have heard that Len didn’t like that stuff. But then, how do you explain Maks doing the same thing with Erin more than once? Definitely one of the best Latin guys they’ve ever had on SYTYCD, and that has carried over to DWTS.I was also screaming at the TV when he had that 10 zillion bars of Mya dusting the judges desk — “Dude! It boggles the mind that the pro gets angry when they get yelled at for that because Len has *always* hated that stuff. I like that he tries to make his routines very “now” by playing into certain trends in music & theme (Mya’s Hairspray freestyle, his “Hip Hip, Chin Chin” routine for Lacey & Danny on SYTYCD), but in the same token, I feel like it tends to make his dances feel a bit…cliche.If you’re going to break the rules – the rules that are very clear – don’t get mad when called on it or, in Dmitry’s case, act like you don’t understand what the problem was. Don’t get me wrong, I love his choreography; but when he opted to use “You Can’t Stop the Beat” as Mya’s freestyle after it had been used twice on SYTYCD (with better results, I might add) and just as the Hairspray resurgence was dying down, I couldn’t help but think “been there, done that”.

Maybe that’s because Tom Bergeron is the host and not Cat Deeley. For example, we can always expect the unexpected comment or face from Karina. : I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think calling him a “dud” is a bit harsh.I do like Tony, but he’s not necessarily a favorite… It almost reminds me of the syllabus tests we used to have to take in my ballroom lessons – very mundane execution of the steps we’d learned in front of a judge so that we could graduate to the next level. 🙂 And when he’s in good humor, he seems like a nice guy. Here’s my problem – because of working on this website I see a huge majority of the media surrounding the show and that, like it or not, impacts my opinion of the various pros – which is why I’m not crazy about either Tony or Louis right now.He’s also appeared on “American Idol,” “Ellen,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Good Morning America,” “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “Larry King Live” and “The View,” among other shows.

Chaplin not only choreographed an episode of “Bones” last year, he guested on it as Kendrick Mantoroy.

Stone’s Natalie Maccabee is forced to tackle not only global threats but also the palaces of intrigue of Washington D. With Case handling high-stakes missions that are too sensitive for the FBI and the CIA, Maccabee soon finds herself being drawn into the action.