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Her decade-long retreat from public life after Prince Albert died aged 42 didn’t do Victoria any favours, and triggered the formation of a republican movement while she mourned her husband.But she did return to the public eye towards the end of her reign, and regained a popularity that endures to this day.She favoured measures to improve the lives of the poor, recognising over time that inadequate housing was damaging the mental and physical health of those who lived in filthy, tiny homes.Dr Morris continues, “Apart from limited smoke-abatement legislation, there was little by the way of conscious environmental policy.Under Victoria, the monarch didn’t seek to establish the kind of public presence now the norm, or see it as desirable to seek public approval.The monarch was first and foremost at the apex of government and wasn’t conspicuously associated with charitable endeavours.Now 89, she has reigned through post-war Britain, the formation of the Commonwealth, the Swinging Sixties, national and international conflicts, terrorism, the rise and fall of trades unions and the staggering rise of technology.

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Trussell Trust said last month that the rise in food bank use was largely due to “significant problems” with the roll-out of the new Universal Credit system for administering benefits that was introduced last year, urging that although the system had been piecemeal so far, food banks in areas of partial or full roll-out were reporting significant problems with its impact.

Hundreds of “hidden” food banks are operating in the UK, research has revealed, indicating the true scale of food poverty is higher than previously thought.

A mapping project undertaken by the Independent Food Aid Network (Ifan) showed there were more than 2,000 food banks across the country, of which at least 651 are grassroots organisations operating independently of the Trussell Trust, Britain’s biggest food bank provider.

Regardless, Queen Elizabeth has had to contend with living her life in an increasingly public fishbowl, where every move is scrutinised.

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Professor Robert Hazell, director at The Constitution Unit, University College London, comments, “Under Queen Elizabeth, the monarchy has become more open, with TV programmes filming the royal family at work and at play.

“This a national crisis that cannot be underestimated.

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