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The following year, Drudge the elder founded refdesk.com, a site that describes itself as indexing "quality, credible and timely resources that are free and family-friendly" and which Colin Powell, the former US Secretary of State, uses as his home page. He threw his energies into producing an email newsletter filled with snippets of gossip and rambling steam-of-consciousness opinion.

By 1996, he was focusing more on politics, charging an annual fee to his subscribers – which grew from 1,000 to 85,000 between 19.

Ten years ago, he was a reclusive, pasty-faced 31-year-old who, bashing away on his laptop in his grungy Hollywood apartment, shot to prominence when he threatened to bring down Bill Clinton's presidency by breaking news of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Now, Matt Drudge owns a luxurious Mediterranean-style stucco house on Rivo Alto Island in Florida's Biscayne Bay, a condominium at the Four Seasons in Miami and is said to drive a black Mustang.

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One of the biggest surprises of the 2008 campaign has been the connection between the Drudge Report and the Clinton campaign, who has reportedly used the former Democratic party official Tracy Sefl as an emissary.So much internet traffic can be directed to an item linked to by Drudge that unprepared websites have been known to collapse under the strain.For politicians, the effect is akin to a needle injecting information into the media bloodstream.By 1994, his father Bob, a former therapist and social worker, was worried that the self-described "aimless teen" was becoming a directionless adult.

He gave him a Packard-Bell computer in the hope that it might spur him on to achieve more.

He is now surreptitiously courted by the media and political elites that once derided him but now fear he has the power to change the course of an American election.